There are around 112 diets that are out there that all claim they are the best way to eat. As I studied some of them I came to one conclusion: each person needs to decide for themselves which type of eating is best for them. Many things like age, present health, beliefs about food,, and level of willingness to change, need to be considered along with what one feels his/her body is telling them they need. One thing I will tell you as a fact, “diets” don’t work. Many people lose many pounds following many different kinds of diets, but when it is over, the person goes back to eating the way they always have and all the lost pounds, and often more, come back faster than a “New York Minute.” This type of yo-yo eating causes great strain on the body and leaves most dieters feeling sad and ashamed. This is just not right. What needs to happen here to guarantee greater success is an assessment of your present health situation and then you need to decide what changes you are willing to make in your eating habits, and practice eating that way for 30 days. During those thirty days, you will be making a new lifestyle habit if you are being true to your decision of change. Keep track of this change in your diet by journaling what and how much you eat, how you physically feel by the change, and what this change has meant to your life. At the end of thirty days, look back over the month and celebrate how much healthier you are, no matter how small you think the change is. Remember, one small leads to another, and another, and another, and so on. Before you know it, all these small steps added together will add up to a happier, more healthier you on both the inside and out.