We are living in an age full of advice. Healthy living, diets, and exercise programs are all over the internet. How is a person supposed to navigate all the information available, know which advice to listen to, and decide on which ideas are best for them? After 4 years of studying many forms of healthy living, it seems all the different theories out there claims they have the answer and one has to be a fanatic of there particular health beliefs in order to achieve any proven results. I have tried many ways of eating, living, and attending to my many ailments, and what I have found is that each person has as many needs in this arena than any one particular lifestyle can accommodate and although I believe this is true and balance needs to be found, there are a few areas of every person’s life that need to be addressed for each person to become happy, healthy, and whole.

Healthy living starts from the inside out.

A person can set all the goals, have all the eating and exercising charts, and spend much of there time counting calories and number of physical repetitions, but if the inside is spiritually, mentally, and/or emotionally in turmoil, that person will often find that they are unsuccessful in there attempts to become healthier. For me, what was going on inside had even more to do with why I had adopted such poor lifestyle and eating habits, and as I work with other’s this idea is holding true. As A person deals with there own personal “demons” and begin feeling better about themselves, there past, and even there mistakes, I have found that the other areas that need to be addressed will almost fall into place and it will be much easier to make these outward changes.

Spiritual Health is Number 1.

Many people would make the claim that they are religious and have a belief in something bigger than ourselves. I am not talking about religion here, or church, or your parents set of beliefs. I am talking about a relationship with the being that created everything and is much better at running the show than you and I are. What is being talked about here is a living faith here, the kind of faith that gives you a hope and keeps you from giving up, on him (or her), ourselves, others, our world and having the best life we can. This is one of the reasons we were created, to have a relationship with the loving, caring, creator who honestly wants the best for us. I found with myself and many others, once this area is stronger, we had the faith and motivation to better the rest of our lives.

Mental and Emotional Health is Number 2.

As I became healthier spiritually and began to have a better relationship with my Lord, I was able to pay attention to the many mental and emotional health that I had left completely in the hands of medical professionals with no questions about what they were telling me to do. Many of those “professionals” did not have my overall the best interest at heart but there pocketbooks. They never listened to what I had to say about what may be causing the problems, they just cared about my symptoms and what medicine they could prescribe. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time medicine is necessary but if you’re seeing a psychiatrist for 15 minutes and all they want to know is your symptoms but not the core issues, you may want to find a different doctor or a life coach may help you get to the core issues of your life and help you live to your utmost best. I found as I addressed these issues with another person, adjusted the way I see myself and the world, and got to know myself better than I ever have.

Addictions Need To Be Put to Rest

I never realized, until I began the process of to deal with me and what was going on inside, how many unhealthy addictions I actually had. Alcohol, marijuana, caffeine, and sugar was my go to meals. Talk about unhealthy! Not only was I not eating anything of any nutritional value, I was filling my body and mind with poisons that kept me unhealthy, not able to exercise or get a good nights sleep. It wasn’t easy, and I feel I still consume too much caffeine and sugar, but the other addictions have been dealt with and I find that my mind is clearer to make better decisions, I have more energy to exercise and deal with life, and I am sleeping better than ever. There are many ways and communities one can find to help beat addictions. You just have to really want a change in your life and lifestyle habits.

No Better Time Than Now for a Change

Do not hesitate to evaluate yourself and the way you live your life. A good evaluation can show you how far off the mark you are from the life you really want and deserve. Every person alive needs to always check there actions, thoughts, moods, and feelings and make sure they are lining up with what they dream of becoming. If not, ditch the ones that are not good for you and embrace the ones that are good. Often, a person needs encouragement and help to deal with the things that are not good for them. Find a doctor you trust who listens to you or a friend who you can be accountable to. If you find friends are scarce and far in between, a life coach maybe just what you need. I know I did. There is a better you just waiting to be brought to light, one that is happy, healthy, and whole. Once you embark on finding the real you, I think you will be amazed at how wonderful you really are and that you want to share what has happened to you, and for you, in the areas of spiritual, mental, and emotional help. You may be the inspiration that others need to find the best version of themselves too.

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