Hello, and welcome. I hope to help you to stop the negative cycle of living with poor psychological and physical health and show you how to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

My Story

I am a grandmother of 2 wonderful boys that are the joy of my life. Today I can find peace and happiness in the midst of almost any situation life throws at me, but, that hasn’t always been the case. You see, I have struggled, even suffered at times, with depression and anxiety since I was 15 years old. I allowed it to effect my life in so many negative ways. Although I loved being the mother of 3 incredibly smart, beautiful children, I didn’t always enjoy being a wife and mother like I watched so many other women with the same blessings experience or like I should or could have. I went to my family Dr. about this issue and she put me on 8 different medicines. They were the wrong prescriptions for me and I was basically a walking zombie, void of any expression, feelings, motivation, or energy.

Being in that state made it hard for me to be there for my children like they needed me to be and many times my husband stated he felt like a single parent.

I was convinced that I needed all those drugs, that the doctor had my best interest at heart, and that without either of them I would be worse off. I also feared that I would get locked up because I was “crazy” or my kids would be taken away. My parents stepped in and started going to the doctor with me and standing up to her when I couldn’t stand up for myself, but she wouldn’t back off and help me come off the drugs so we had to find a new doctor. I was scared to death.

What if the new Doctor wouldn’t help me or figured out I was as crazy as I felt?

My new family doctor didn’t feel it was right for him to handle my psychiatric issues so I set out to find a new psychiatrist. I saw 5 different mind doctors during the next 18 months, and after seeing #5 I was on 10 new medications, had no health insurance, and was no better off emotionally or mentally. I decided to stop taking all the medicines without any kind of weaning down. BIG mistake. I was so sick I couldn’t leave my bed, let alone take care of my kids or home. Another 3 months of more life wasted! I became completely upset and discouraged so I went back to the first family practitioner that had started all of this for some kind of help. This, of course, was another BAD choice. I was put on 5 of the drugs that I had stopped taking because she said my sick body was showing it needed them to be able to function correctly.

I felt that I had no other choice at that time then to take them and make the best of it.

By this point it had been 2 1/2 years since the beginning of this story, I was drugged addicted and barely able to function. This time it took my husband making an appointment with this doctor for himself, telling her how unhappy and nervous he felt (he was fine), and after spending 10 minutes with him and no kind of blood tests, she wrote him 3 prescriptions that were the same as some of mine. This finally proved to me that this doctor did NOT consider what was best for me, just what was good for her.

The Ending Is Much Better

That was 9 years ago. During that time I also became an alcoholic and a pot head. I’ve been to rehab and am able to see one of the best psychiatrists in my state, if not this country. I am now clean and sober, attending college, and working on having healthier living habits. Struggles still come with depression and anxiety, but I have learned many things about the human body, how it functions, and what it needs and implementing them has made a huge difference in my health and life. I have also gained better skills and resources to deal with my disease.

It isn’t always easy, but Since changing my lifestyle habits

I am not completely crippled for months because of depression and anxiety. I have a bad day or two and then I can pick myself back up and continue forward. It has been a long road, but because of the love of my husband, children, parents, my support group, and a Dr. who really does have my best interest at heart, I have been able to learn and grow as a person. I have also been able to deal with any pain from the past, shame I held because of mistakes I have made, and how to better deal with people, places, and things, especially the more unpleasant ones, I feel I no longer let depression or anxiety continue to be in control but that I am finally, however small at times, able to enjoy my life and all of my many blessings.

The Point of All of This

I have met so many people the last few years that have a story similar to mine that still haven’t been able to break the chains that depression and anxiety has on them. Most of them still struggle with the addictions that seem to follow the problems of these two conditions. I want to share all the things I have learned about our body and mind, how to care for them, and how to live better with the many conditions that can hinder one from enjoying being alive. I can’t promise or guarantee any of the things shared here will make someone med free, but I can promise they will help you live a happier, healthier, and more beautiful life.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Rebecca Coppersmith


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