I believe that having Faith in a power greater than anyone or anything I know, especially myself, to be the need of every single person. In one of my early blog posts I stated that as long as you have “faith as small as a mustard seed,” in something greater then yourself, your life, and health, will improve. I still believe that is true as I write this, but I do believe that the Christian faith, with all of it’s people’s flaws that distorts it, to be the Real Truth and It’s three Person Godhead to be the true and right One. I respect your experience with your God and would like to hear about your faith, but please know, this is a closed issue for me. There is NO changing my mind. With that being said, I also believe that as long as each person is respectful and understands each person’s right to choose for themselves who they will serve, me sharing my Faith shouldn’t be a problem for any other reasonable person. This page in particular will be based on my Christian faith that is now being built on experience and not just head knowledge. The video below will help explain how and why I believe as strongly as I do.