In my quest to find the perfect, healthiest way to live, I became extremely overwhelmed. I found 110 diet plans during that search, hundreds of health and exercise gurus, and many theories that contradicted each other. I had no idea where to begin and tried many of the diets I found. I became frustrated with yo-yo dieting results and trying to do exercises I was not physically capable of doing so I decided to enroll in a Holistic Christian college and I also began working one on one with a couple of different professionals who helped me get to know myself, change my negative thinking and lifestyle habits, and become the best version of myself. I have found that these are the 6 most important tips to start living healthier.

1. Take Stock of Yourself

A honest evaluation of your physical self is most important in determining what kinds of foods you should be eating, what level of exercise you can begin with, and which negative lifestyle habits you should do away with.

A good place to begin in knowing your body better is with your doctor.

It is important to know if there have been any serious problems or disease caused by the way you have been living your life, if you can exercise, and to what level. During this time you may find that many of the things you thought about yourself and the world are simply not true. You will probably be faced with, for the first time, the fact of how unhealthy you have let yourself become. Try to not let yourself become discouraged during this time, it can be easy to give up before you get started. Facing the facts about your health will help you know where to begin.

2. Ditch the Addictions

There are many things that we each do daily that serve no positive purpose in life and these actions can pose terrible, even deadly, consequences to the body. Drinking alcohol in excess, playing with “street” drugs ( and yes, I am including marijuana), and even the things we eat, or eat too much of, can be a detriment to health. This is an area each person needs to be painfully honest about when they do their self evaluation.

Getting rid of certain substances from the body often causes a negative resistance from within it.

Going “cold turkey” from alcohol, drugs, caffeine and sugar can often cause what is called “withdrawal symptoms” and put the body under a great deal of stress, and this can make one sick. Always seek medical help as you eliminate certain substances from your life if you find the withdrawal symptoms to be too hard for you to handle by yourself.

3. Stop Living on Junk Foods

I can remember being a sixteen-year old, running late, and grabbing a package of Little Debbie cakes and a Coke as I ran out the door for the day. Food during school hours would be chips (bad carbohydrates), candy (only sugar), and more soda (has only sugared and caffeine). We would stop at Burger King (high fat) on the way to swim practice, then stop for a snack at a fast food joint on the way home. As I aged, I began to skip breakfast completely and continued with the junk food meals.

Junk Foods are just that for our bodies, JUNK!

Too many fatty, fried foods, and too much sugar will not help anyone be healthy. They have high caloric value, most of which doesn’t have much nutritional value. You can’t eat all unhealthy non-real foods and expect to look or feel very well. You must adjust your eating immediately to include as many calories as you can eat from raw, real, whole, and organic fruits and vegetables. These foods will give you the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs for energy and to keep its numerous systems functioning properly. This is almost universal among diets, dietitians, nutrition gurus, and the medical community.

4. Drink More Water

There has been some debate lately concerning drinking water. Some theories state that we need to drink 1/2 our weight in ounces of water, while others are stating that there is a possibility of drinking too much and drowning the body cells. As I have studied different theories on this issue, only true Vegans can go without drinking any water because they receive all of their calories from raw, whole fruits and vegetables, all of which are full of natural water. The average person doesn’t eat that way, therefore, I conclude, that most of us need to drink more water than we are. I would be shocked to meet someone that actually drank too much. Water helps keep a person from becoming dehydrated, helps clear up skin issues, is especially important in helping our digestive system do its job, and cells use it to regenerate.

5. Stop Using Weight Loss Products

The only way to lose weight correctly is to burn more calories than you have taken in for the day. Products that promise weight loss without any effort are simply lying. Even if you were to lose weight using one of those products, it wouldn’t stay off because the manufacturer’s plan is to sell their products, and any weight loss you may experience is simply water, which will, return. Shortly after you stop using the product, the water weight will come back.

Not only that, but, most of these products have ingredients in them that can cause other health issues.

There are many manufacturers that are being sued because of the poisons used to create their products and the problems they have caused. Don’t be a victim of these companies. I believe in supplements, but I also believe what they are made from and how they are made to be extremely important. Don’t fall for hype and empty promises. You should always read the ingredients in whatever you are using. A good rule of thumb for avoiding this legal poison; If you can’t say the ingredients, DON’T use them. The bottom line here is this; The only way to lose weight correctly is to burn more calories than has been consumed!

6. Get Moving

We are living in a sedentary age. White collar jobs, elevators, vehicles, home deliveries of products, and all of our electronic devices are keeping people from moving as much as in the past and this lack of activity is causing diseases. Obesity, heart diseases, and an increase of auto-immune diseases are all examples. People no longer have the strength and health that was once the norm. Outside activities are almost a thing of the past for many. Muscles are wasting away, brains are becoming foggy, digestion is hindered, and the increase of medicines and surgeries being used to correct unhealthy living is staggering.

Just start moving by taking the first step.

A good starting place to get moving is with stretching and/or walking. Muscles need to be used and if they haven’t for a while, start stretching right where you are sitting. Walking is usually another activity that can be started right away. Start out easy and add more stretching repetitions and walking time as you become stronger. I know you will feel better, think better, look better, and most likely will continue to add more and more time to this.

Don’t Wait – Start Today

It’s never too late to start living a healthier life, there is no time like the present to start, and you may be the inspiration another person needs to begin their new healthier lifestyle. Share these 6 most important tips to start living healthier with those around you, make them apart from every day, and whatever you do, DON’T give up.

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