Fasting is not a new concept. Many religions have practiced it for spiritual reasons for thousands of years. It has just been in the last decade or so, that this theory has become a part of the health conscious community. I have fasted in the past and the results were pretty good. I had many positive results but I had a few negative ones as well.

Before Starting Any Type Of Fast, Your Health Needs Assessed

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, you need to see your doctor before starting a fast and discuss it with him/her. If you are healthy enough to fast, you will also need to decide about continuing any medications you take. One issue I found right away was I couldn’t take my medicine on an empty stomach or I would become sick. I had to be without them, but could only do this for a couple of days because the problems I took them for began to worsen and I actually became more unhealthy because of the stress my body was put under without them.

Often, a person needs to ween off medicine in order to be able to fast and not become sick.

There are so many meds out there that can not be stopped “cold turkey” and if they are, the mental and physical consequences far out weight any positive ones you may experience from the fast itself. I repeat; Always, always, check with your physician first. It may just save you unnecessary anguish and additional sickness.

Figuring Out What Type of Fast is Best For You

There are many ways to approach fasting. One way would be to drink only juice and water for thirty days, no food. Another way, which is the way my husband chose, is to drink only juice and distilled water the first 3 days and then add raw fruits and vegetables for the next 27 days without any type of dressing. Only chickpeas and beans are allowed added protein. Eating cooked foods is not allowed but I added eggs, cold chicken meat, and cheese. We used 1 tablespoon of Paul Newman’s Italian dressing (the healthiest I have found), because we both felt salads were just to dry without a little dressing. The success we both had was awesome! We both lost weight, slept better, our minds became clearer, and my skin condition did improve.

You need to decide what it is you want to accomplish by fasting.

Are you trying to lose weight? The one I used might be right for you. If you are looking for more energy, however, this might not be the right way for you to fast. I struggled with not having enough energy on this type of fast because it is low in protein. Plus, before the fast, having enough energy to perform my daily activities was already an issue. The point is, every person has their own needs and goals.

How Long Should A Person Fast?

Again, this depends on your personal situation. There is a theory we studied in college that stated everyone needs to do a complete fast. A complete fast is done for an extended amount of time, usually 4-6 weeks, and only water is consumed during this time. You have to sleep and rest a lot on this type of fast and you have to be under direct supervision of a medical professional. They need to see you weekly to check your blood pressure, weight, and make sure there are no new problems. You can not take any medicine at this time, whether prescribed or over the counter and exercising is out. Prolonged fasting can cause a great deal of stress on the body, often making a person sicker than when they started.

You need to be careful and stay aware of how your body is responding to fasting.

I have been taught that on a complete fast, the person will be sick and hurting because the body is ridding itself of all the toxic things allowed into it. Those that adhere to this belief state this time is necessary to completely get all poisons out of the body and put it into a healthier state. At the time of this writing, I disagree, but that is a subject for another day. For now, just know that I believe each person is on their own journey and needs to decide for themselves if fasting would help them become healthier and how long it should be practiced. There are many ways to fast, there is no cookie cutter way that’s good for everyone.

A Type of Fasting That Can Produce Results Without Causing Additional Problems

In my Christian faith, 45 days prior and leading up to Easter, is an observance called Lint. Not every Christian church practices it but I have found it to be a good time to give up something that I love, to show my dedication to God and my understanding, love, and thankfulness for what His Son, Jesus, sacrificed for me. To avoid a certain food or behavior for a designated time is a simple type of fasting and can produce healthy results.

You don’t have to wait for Lint to do a simple fast.

Do you drink too much caffeine, eat too much sugar, or add more salt to an already seasoned dish? There are many items people eat, and eat a lot of, that isn’t good for them. Pick one item and stop it for 30-45 days. Keep a journal of your experience. How do you feel during and after the designated time? You will probably notice that you don’t miss it as much as you thought you would and that you feel much better since eliminating it. If you do add whatever it is back into your diet, you will probably find you don’t consume as much of it as you once did. That’s a positive step! It may seem small, but every small step taken toward being healthier is better than if you had never done anything at all.

Fasting Can Benefit You

Fasting can have positive results if it is done correctly. You will experience a cleaning out of the toxins in your body, your mind will become clearer, and weight loss will happen. Some will have skin issues improved and all should experience better digestion. Do some research on this subject, be sure to see your doctor, and remember; only you can decide which fast is best for you. If you choose the 30-day fast my husband and I did, be aware, it is not high in protein and you may have to adjust it and add Vitamin B12 for energy needs.

This is the truth about fasting and good health, in my opinion.

Just start being healthier today and in time you will see good results. I want to share a post I on Facebook yesterday, I don’t know who to credit it to, but I think you will get it. It is my new slogan!

” A year from now you will wish you had started today!”

Best Wishes,


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