During my college studies, I was reminded of many lifestyle habits that I always knew would help me be healthier but had not been doing. I also learned a few new ones. They have helped me develop healthier choices and start the process of becoming the best version of myself, which is what God always intended for me to be. Some of these may seem like common sense and you’re thinking to yourself ” I do many of these things and once in a while.” I have found that doing these things “once in a while” doesn’t produce any real positive results and that consistency is key to changing any kinds of habits, especially lifestyle ones. As you go through this list, be honest with yourself about the way you have, or rather have not, been taking care of yourself. Many of them are super easy, while others may take a little more effort. This list of the top 10 habits that healthy people do is also taken from Victoia Bidwell’s book ” The Health Seekers Yearbook.”

1. They Have External & Internal Cleanliness – Wash hair and body, nails clean, and teeth brushed. Don’t flood the inside of your body with poisons that come from non-nutritional substances.

2. They Breathe Pure Air – In order to do this, you must go outside. Inside air is constantly recycled because of air conditioning and it is full of toxic elements. I personally have an air purifier to help my inside air be healthier.

3. They Drink Pure Water – Unfortunately we live in an age where our tap water is filled with chemicals to “purify” it and to supposedly make it better for consumption. It is not. Those chemicals poison the body and add to the already unhealthy environment inside of us. Even if contamination is not caused by the chemicals being put right into our tap water supply, these chemicals find their way into both our surface and underground water. Pure, distilled water is the best kind to drink. I don’t even use tap water to cook with unless it is connected to a personal water purifier.

4. They Make Sure To Get Adequate rest, relaxation, and sleep – There are so many things in today’s world that distract people from getting enough of these three things. It has been estimated that the average American household has the T. V on anywhere from 6-12 hours a day and that many people fall asleep with it on. Add to that our many electronics and social media constantly on, the normal person is having their brain wave patterns continuously interrupted and are not getting into that deep sleep that one needs to really be rejuvenated. On top of all of that, people are over worked, stressed out about a number of things, and on their electronics 24/7. This all adds to the brain never quitting.

5. They Have Better Eating Habits – It’s not that healthy people don’t ever eat food that is not good for them, it’s just that they make sure to eat more raw fruits and vegetables and eat anything with sugar as a treat, not a fifth food group. They know what foods their system doesn’t like and they stay away from those. You don’t have to eliminate anything, you just need to make sure you start eating more healthy foods and eventually you will be eating more of those kinds than the other non-nutritional ones.

6. They Go Outside – Besides the fact that pure fresh air is only outside, we need an adequate amount of sunshine and again, you get that OUTSIDE! Sunshine has immediate effects on the body. It helps the body digest food and use the nutrients for good, assimilate calcium, and as it interacts with the skin to make vitamin D. You get these healthy benefits from exposure on the skin and through the eyes. Sunlight increases the metabolic rate, circulation, and the oxygen carrying power of the blood. It is best to get this sun either before 10:00 am or after 3:00 pm. Twenty minutes on each side three times a week is a good amount. If you are going to be out longer than this, you probably should use sunblock because long hours in the sun without protection can cause cancer.

7. They Keep the surrounding Temperature Comfortable – Being too hot or too cold can stress the body and this adds toxins to it.

8. They Exercise Regularly – We all know the benefits of regular exercise on the body and mind. Remember, always check with your doctor before beginning any new physical activity.

9. They Feel Good About Themselves and Their Life – Emotional Balance, freedom from the bondage to addictions, and a high self-esteem that is living a purposeful life with meaningful goals will probably be the hardest place to begin to change. It was for me. This is where working with another person and getting to know yourself will be very helpful. Once I started to deal with these issues and my personal demons, a sense of peace and calm began to flood my heart. I almost promise, if you deal with these things too, you will begin to experience a calmness and peace in your heart as well.

10. They Have Nurturing Relationships – Do all the people in your life care for you, encourage you, believe in you, and want the best for you? You will have to decide for yourself if you should have everyone in your life that you have now. In all of your relationships, don’t be afraid to set boundaries and “no” is an exceptable answer to someone has asked something of you that you don’t feel comfortable doing. Don’t spend your life trying to please people that are can’t be pleased, working hard at relationships that the other person doesn’t work too, or taking bad behavior from someone who is supposed to love you and knows better. Always remember how wonderful and special you are. No matter who you allow in your life, make sure you have many around you that care for you as much as you care for them.

As you can see, many of these healthy lifestyle habits can be easily implemented, but a few will take some work. I found this time to be very enlightening and although I don’t think my journey is near complete, my life is the best it has ever been since I started incorporating the top 10 habits that healthy people do.

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