I am welcoming myself back to working this website, writing this blog, and working to have true beauty and wellness. I hate to admit, I am starting over, again, from the beginning. Last October I was diagnosed with a heart defect I have had from birth that everyone, but my mother, passed off as a mental health issue. Every time I wound up at my primary care’s office or the hospital, which was several times a year since I was thirteen, Doctors would be stumped when the witness with me or EMS would explain what was going on when they got to me and what it took to get me to the hospital alive. So after sitting here since then, getting ready and hosting Christmas for both extended families, still studying and writing to earn my masters, a very fun, unexpected trip to Iowa to see family and then Kansas City to see a playoff game, I now am ready to begin implementing healthier lifestyle habits. Just like many of you, I am overwhelmed by how bad my health still is even after they fixed my heart and all the healthy habits I need to start over. I feel like I need to immediately change everything, but I know from past experience that my brain and body won’t like that nor will either accept it.

I recently read a book during my studies entitled Power vs Force by Dr. Hawkins and in it he uses a ship to explain the importance of making constant and consistent changes, however small, over the course of time. Here is the story, paraphrased by me: ” If a ship that started out on a specific course were to change that course by 1 degree every hour for 10 hours, by the end of those 10 hours the ship would be going in a completely different direction.” The same is true for humans. Most people can’t change everything at once, even if they want to, it would be too much change for the minds and bodies so they never try to change anything. If a person would add one small healthy lifestyle habit, get used to doing that, then add another and so on, within one year that person’s life and health would have improved immensely.

Here’s today’s challenge. Don’t look at the whole picture, have one of where you want to be in a year, but don’t focus on the whole; break it down into small steps. One step at a time is easy to conquer but the staring at the whole flight will scare the heck out of you.

My change for this week is going to be where I sit to study and do my online work. This comes with it limits that will be for my overall benefit. I know from past experience that I can handle a few more changes so I will be drinking 1/2 my weight in water and less soda and begin exercising again. Because it has been months since I have done any of it, I will start with stretching and short 10 minute walks 3-4 times a day until I get stronger.

Join me in starting all over in becoming the best version of ourselves. Pick just one thing you are going to do not just one thing you are not going to do. Whenever something is given up something needs to be added in its place in order to have something positive to focus on as opposed to the negative focus of having to make the change.

Good luck!!

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